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SWTOR: Planets Progression Guide

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This is an overview of the planets and their level ranges in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Since a lot of players don’t know on which level they’ll visit which planet, this should give you a nice hint and tell you when and where you’ll go next.
Level 1-10 Starting Planets
Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters start their adventure on Hutta. Sith Inquisitors & Warriors start on Korriban, Troopers & Smugglers on Ord Mantell and Jedi Knights and Consulars on Tython. With your rank level, you will come to other planets, and do you want to come to other planets quickly? You can come to our website to buy SWTOR power leveling for your class so that you can come to other planets more quickly.
Level 10-16 – Coruscant, Dromund Kass
Galactic Republic faction players move to Coruscant, and Sith Empire players visit Dromund Kass. Each of these planets also has the faction’s respective capital city as well.
Level 16-20 – Balmorra
Balmorra is the next planet in line. The planet is occupied by the Empire and mostly has vast plains.
Level 20-24 – Nar Shaddaa
Nar Shaddaa is an independent planet where you’ll first encounter players of the other faction in some neutral zones. The planet is basically a cityscape. In this Nar Shaddaa, you will find it is easier to get SWTOR Credits for yourself.
Level 24-28 – Tattoine
Tattoine is an independent planet with some Imperial presence on which the largest settlement is Anchorhead. It mostly has vast deserts and endless sand. Be sure to bring some sun protection.
Level 28-32 – Alderaan
Alderaan is also an independent planet, but the scenery is quite different from the last planet you visited. This planet also has Alderaan Warzone. Be sure to check it out as you do get experience in PvP as well.
Level 32-36 – Taris
From the beautiful scenery of Alderaan we’re moving again to something much less nicer: post-apocalyptic swamps. Another independent planet with multiple levels (layers) to explore.
Level 36-37 – Quesh
Quesh is under the Republic’s control, but the Empire has recently moved in to exploit its resources. It has a poisonous atmosphere, and toxic swamps and marshes.
Level 37-41 – Hoth
Hoth is an independent planet which has a molten core which is used for mining, but outside it’s a frozen wasteland. The most notable scenery is a lot of old ship wreckage.
Level 41-44 – Belsavis
Belsavis is controlled by The Republic and is largely a frozen wasteland as well, but it does have some areas which are not. Several areas have temperate zones which are habitable thanks to the volcanic activity.
Level 44-47 – Voss
Voss is the home of two indigenous species, and mostly has autumnish/goldenish forests. 
Level 47-50 – Corellia
Corellia is a well-known planet, and until recently fairly quiet and controlled by Galactic Republic forces. You will most likely hit level 50 on Corellia, after which you can move to.
Level 50 – Ilum
Ilum is currently the endgame planet for solo players, both PvP and PvE. It has a massive open-world PvP zone where hundreds of players can fight one another, and several level 50 operations (raids).
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